BURUNDI / Kiganda Murambi

Region: Kiganda
Producer: Murambi
Varietal: Bourbon
Elevation: 2000 masl
Process: Washed
Drying: Raised Beds/Sun Dried

Tastes: Black Currant, Dried Apple, Baking Spice, Raw Sugar

Murambi is a privately owned collection site in the Kiganda area near the Mubarazi river. They process coffee in a similar way to Kenya in that the cherry is removed with disc pulpers, fermented for almost a full day and then washed/soaks for another day before being laid out to dry on raised beds. Last year the station received a large premium at the year's end for the coffees they exported and the mill owner invested in 450 goats that were distributed to as many farmers who work with the station. The idea is for the goats to both help with building out an organic farming system, as well as an added source of revenue for the farmers.